With our extensive experience in the design and line marking of complex sports courts, we can scale and combine sports courts to any specification and requirement.

Inside or outside, we can help you maximise your available space and bring your courts back to life by removing old lines or simply re-marking the existing.

We have completed a wide variety of line marking projects for public and school play areas, and indoor and outdoor sports courts, providing a professional look that maximises the available space. Whether it’s blasting and cleaning off the existing lines or remarking lines, we can make your playground or sports courts look great.

In addition, we have completed a number of residential line marking projects, where people have wanted to make a basketball key on their property.

As experts in line marking sports courts we can offer advice on design options and colour selection, and correct and adjust layouts to suit your individual requirements.

Specialists in line marking the following courts:

  • Basketball Line Marking
  • Tennis Line Marking
  • Netball Line Marking
  • Downball Line Marking
  • Indoor Soccer Line Marking
  • Football Pitch Marking
  • Variety of School Playground courts and activities

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